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New to the Canadian Radio Star competition this year, songwriters can submit their songs directly online at www. Complete details and contest rules can be found online at www. Regional winners will be declared by the participating radio station in each market, with a combined public and industry vote determining the Grand Prize winner.

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Starting today, listeners in the greater Montreal area will wake up to the infectious good humour of Vinny and Shannon, At the same time, Lee will make his debut as a solo host on the afternoon drive show. In his new role as content producer for the show and social media, Adam Greenberg will serve as the link between the show and the audience.

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Numeris has released its quarterly top-line ratings report for metered markets including Montreal. You can lay the blame entirely at the feet of program director Mark Bergman who recently left his job thereor blame the pencil-pushing cost-cutters at Bell Media who care more about profits than ratings. But either way, something happened in the past few years that has created a huge gap between Virgin and main competitor The Beat.

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It is owned by Bell Media. It was later on rebranded to a Virgin Radio Station in October It broadcasts on

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The ctv news app: Canada's most trusted news. The news comes as long-time morning man Aaron Rand announced on-air that he will be leaving The Q at the end of April. Rand said he is not ready to retire, but after more than 25 years hosting morning radio, he has plenty of alternatives.


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