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Jacksoncovers with a patch in the movies? It's his left. Wait, or is it his right?

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In other words, whether they see it this way or not, Sony owes the resurrection of the Spider-Man franchise to Marvel -- which should be enough to give Marvel and its corporate owner, Disney, leverage for a bigger stake going forward. But Rothman apparently believes Sony can do it on their own now. Will Sony make more Spider-Man movies?

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And it does so in ways both big and small. In the movie, Peter tinkers with gadgets, makes more than his fair share of dorky quips, and finds himself torn between his vigilante responsibilities and his personal life. Spoilers ahead, of course. Jonah Jameson of the Daily Bugle unwittingly presents the in-universe world with doctored footage from Mysterio that puts the blame on Spider-Man.

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The Spider-Man split between Disney Marvel Studios and Sony is easily the most talked about entertainment news story in quite a while, as many fans are letting their strong reactions to the whole situation be heard — and be heard very loudly. While the majority seems to be against Sony, there are quite a bit going against Disney as well. BoycottSony and BoycottDisney are both popular hashtags on Twitter at the moment.

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I am sure that you will be aware of the notion that during a divorce deal between the parents, it is the kid that ends up getting hurt the most. Well, in today's case the parents are Disney and Sony and the kid is Spider-Man. Spider-Man came into the Marvel Cinematic Universe after a deal was struck between Sony and Disney that Disney would be in charge of the toy and merchandising profits while Sony would be in charge of distribution.

This will not post anything on Facebook or anywhere else. After Endgamewe have been long waiting to watch Tom Holland in action. And that is finally over.

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Yes, Spider-Man is no longer apart of the MCU and fans everywhere are weeping at the injustice of it all. The memes about Tom Holland's Spider-Man no longer being a part of the MCU show just how hilarious albeit distressed the fandom truly is. Deadline reported on Tuesday 20 August that Disney and Sony did not "reach new terms that would have given [Disney] a co-financing stake going forward.

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The Nerd: Spider-Man on the Atari Let's pop this sucker in here. We're playin' with the Atari wireless controller.

It was all good just a month ago. With an end credits scene that all but blew Peter Parker's world up, the hype to see where a third film went and how it fit into the larger context of the MCU was inherent. Now, several weeks later, that future is in jeopardy.


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