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He listens to you. Not everyone, however, took that view. One high-profile example came from Sally Field, who tweeted :.

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First known reference in English apparently is in a compound, Oxford street name Gropecuntlane cited from c. Used in medical writing c. Chaucer used quaint and queynte in "Canterbury Tales" late 14c.

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As I got deeper into my studies of medieval literature at Oxford, I would stumble and restumble across this pleasant thud of a word. Although it is associated with misogyny, it is nothing like the n-word, nor any other rightly stigmatized racist epithet, because it was never a commonly used tool for oppression. It has only been an obscene word since the seventeenth century anyway.

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It's hard to think of a word that's more shocking than cunt. Rarely said aloud—unless it's as abuse—it's a word almost guaranteed to cause discomfort. Even as we were talking about this story at ELLEsome of us still couldn't say it out loud. But why?

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From terrible hosts to Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift at the Video Music Awards, our attention is always grabbed by the things that happen outside of the music or films. Calling someone a cunt, especially a woman, objectifies that person and dehumanizes them into a cunt. That action alone is insulting to women.

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Cursing is a good way to be bad. For the linguistically bold, vulgarity is just one element of a rich vocabulary, a spice for speech. Go ahead, say it.

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Despite multiple attempts to reclaim the word over the past few decades, "cunt" is still widely considered the worst thing you can call a woman. A well-known pick-up artist recently taught a seminar based on a bunch of ranty emails he sent me after I wrote about his friend. Naturally, he forwarded me the YouTube link.

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Her character, Madeleine White, is a power broker who is a high level fixer in political circles. The movie was considered a critical success. Cuntish — for example — means nasty, highly unpleasant; extremely annoying.

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I was exhausted and absolutely did not have the energy to unpack the reason they used that word or to let them know how uncomfortable it made me feel. Because honestly I can't break down subtle and even overt sexism every time it rears its crappy little head. If I did, I would just collapse from exhaustion every single day.

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Proceed with caution. This week, after the third BBC newsman in two months — this time the revered Jeremy Paxman — dropped the c-bomb on live television, it appears that the world's best-respected broadcasting operation is in the grip of a collective and extremely specific form of Tourette's syndrome, whereby presenters can't help but slip the worst word of all into casual conversation. One is reminded of those playground horror stories of cursed words, infectious words that, once read or overheard, niggle away in the forefront of your brain until, like poison, you're forced to spit them out, with deadly consequences. But what — ultimately — is so terribly offensive about the word "cunt"?


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