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A pony is a small horse Equus ferus caballus. Depending on context, a pony may be a horse that is under an approximate or exact height at the withers or a small horse with a specific conformation and temperament. There are many different breeds.

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For anyone with small acreage and a passion for equines, miniature horses have the capacity to make dreams come true. The tallest measure only 38 inches 9. The tiniest horses reach maturity at a mere 28 inches, and most foals range from 15 to 18 inches at birth.

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They are extremely quick to learn and easily broken and schooled. They enjoy a challenge and excel in Competition where jumping ability, speed, agility and stamina are at a premium. They also have the paces, looks and temperament to make top class Show and Dressage ponies.

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Horses and ponies are closely related animals but they are not exactly the same. You will need to assess the animal's size, breed, age, body proportions, and temperament to determine whether it is a horse or a pony. To tell a horse from a pony, look at the height of the animal since horses are usually much taller than ponies.

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Many people say that an average rider with a brilliant horse can play much better than his actual skill level, while the best player in the world cannot achieve much with the wrong type of horse. Just as in Formula 1, where even the fastest driver can't win a race if he has a car that doesn't meet the same standard as his talent. For polo, the speed and agility of the horses is just as vital as the ball skills, horsemanship and talent of the polo player.

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When it comes down to it, these horses are just plain FUN. Why do you shave their feathers? Not exactly.

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Growth chart. Equine obesity and Insulin resistance. Welsh Breed Standard with descriptions.

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Native to the area in the west of Ireland known for its rugged yet beautiful landscape. Connemara is blessed with moors and bogs that will shine in the sunlight while looking somewhat desolate, and mystical, in every other kind of weather. This is where the Connemara pony comes from, where it learned to adapt to its surroundings and develop all the essential qualities it needed to survive.

During the four centuries of Roman occupation on this border, auxiliary troops were brought in to help man Hadrian's Wall and to maintain law and order. Foreign horses of several types are known from archaeology in Northern Britain and crosses between such foreign horses and the Celtic pony is believed to have helped shape many British native pony breeds, including the Fell pony. The now-extinct Galloway pony in southern Scotland was geographically close and is said to have been very similar to the Fell, probably similarly bred and containing types ranging from the taller Dales and Highlands to the smaller end of the Fells. The Fell is still sometimes referred to as a Galloway.


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