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Through the annals of history, sex-having folk have discovered ingenious, practical—and frankly, disgusting—ways to cover their penises. No matter the civilization, religious creed, or venereal disease in vogue, the old adage has always held: Wrap it before you tap it. Here, a brief history of the condom.

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Top definition. Ear Condom unknown. To say that one wears an " ear condom " is to imply that one is critical of what others are saying, to the point where they block it all out.

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Lambskin condoms also known as natural condoms are a type of male condom. They are made from the intestinal membrane of a lamb, so these condoms are truly a natural animal product. Lambskin condoms are the oldest type of all condoms. There are records of men using lambskin condoms during the early part of the Roman Empire.

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So why is Trojan showcasing its wares at the geeky electronics show? Trojan plans to exhibit four new items: the Tri-Phoria vibrator, the Pulse vibrator, the Twister vibrator, and the ultra-thin BareSkin condom, which is the thinnest latex condom ever produced by the company. What makes these products unique, says Harrison, is that Trojan approaches their development like a consumer products company—each product spends up to three years in development and goes through rigorous testing with consumers at the early stages.

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LONDON - Trojan has launched a new website backing its first ad campaign that includes interactive features such as a game called 'Orgasm or Muscle Spasm', where users have to spot the fakes. Trojan Pleasure also includes 'The Sexual Organ', where people can play their favourite songs in orgasmic moans and groans. The site backs Trojan's "Faces" campaign, which will appear on 3, poster sites across the country and breaks on billboards this week.

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Rae Ellen Bichell. A rubber tapper makes an incision in a tree on a plantation in Indonesia. Picky shoppers might notice labels on condom boxes these days that say fair trade, non-GMO and all natural.

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Products: Trojan Ultra Thin. The ringing of a gong heralds the arrival of a young man seeking relationship advice from the Trojan Man, who's relaxing in an outdoor bathtub and surrounded by attendants. He admits he's nervous to ask the girl he's hooking up with if she's his girlfriend, but the bathing guru assures him it's okay to be adrift in a sea of emotional not physical vulnerability and offers up a Trojan condom on a bed of flower pedals before returning to relaxation.

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Having seen one brand commemorate the greyest day of the year, we should've guessed another would come knocking to claim the year's longest night—which is Friday, Dec. Who better than Trojan? And yes, they chose to celebrate this particular date because "people have sex at night.

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Advertisements for Trojan condoms on Spotify are making some listeners feel really, really uncomfortable this holiday season. People who use Spotify for free — and not the music-streaming service's paid, ad-free versions — are occasionally hearing the voice ads, which feature such phrases as "orgasmic pleasure" and "stimulating condoms. Graham James, Spotify's head of U. Hey spotifythanks for running those gross trojan commercials.